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SaLuSa 18-February-2011

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

SaLuSa 30-June-2010

We urge you to follow David Wilcock and his revelations, if you want to keep abreast with what is happening in the world and beyond it.

Our protection goes out to anyone that serves the Light, and there are many of you that do it.

Depending on your understanding of what surrounds events now taking place you are probably feeling exhilarated, or have a certain foreboding about the future. Man has been conditioned to accept trouble and strife as a natural part of life’s experience, and has never been given the encouragement to think otherwise. Yet as sovereign Beings you are entitled to choose happy and fulfilling experiences. So what has resulted in you losing your way, and what is the answer? Dear Ones, you allowed others to take control, and as the vibrations gradually dropped even lost your memories of having been greater Beings. The path back has been torturous and painful, but to your credit you have never given up. With help to awaken you to your true Self and your full potential, you have begun to realize that you are special. You have lived lives surrounded by so much negativity, that your Light has almost been diminished but you have risen up again. Your Light however dim can be re-vitalized, because the promise is that every soul has infinite life and is immortal. As you go through the last years before Ascension, your focus on it will be assailed by what appears to be the end of the world. The prophecies of Armageddon will seem to be coming to fulfillment, and fear will fill many people. However, before events seem unstoppable, amazing developments will turn the tide to one of reversing the trends. Suddenly the answers will come through revelations that are accompanied by the truth. That which was hidden from you will be brought out into the open for cleansing, so that where you have been denied the opportunity to advance yourselves, it will now be placed before you. We refer to many discoveries that would have enhanced and lifted your lives to a more acceptable level, and we along with many other sources are now empowered to ensure that what is due to you is received. Like you the Earth must be cleansed, as having had the use of it for your experiences you cannot just walk away from the conditions you have left it in. Remember that you are ascending with Mother Earth, and like you she has to make preparations for it. Nothing would be learnt from your experiences if you did not understand the consequences of your actions, and did not accept responsibility for them. This is very much the same for you as an individual, and you too have to learn from your mistakes. That is the whole point of you passing through the cycle of duality, and as we always remind you, you eagerly put yourself forward for the experience. We might be prompted to ask that now you are in sight of the finishing line, why some should lose sight of the fact that nothing can prevent Ascension. In spite of the doom and doom outlook of certain people, try to see beyond the immediate happenings and enjoy what you will experience in the immediate period before Ascension. Even better occupy your mind with what you will become after it, with all its promise of happiness and a blissful existence. Be patient and if you have the opportunity, help others in despair to overcome it and have faith in the future. Many, many groups are forming and pressing for immediate changes, and their protests will not go unheeded. You are becoming the voice of the people, and it carries a potent energy that will attract the means to manifest it. That is how the Law of Attraction works so we ask you to use it where you can. The whole Universe is proceeding in an orderly fashion as it prepares to ascend, and yet the attention is being paid to you on Earth as a vital part of it. You must be ready for when the great day arrives, and your Universe will seemingly disappear, only to re-appear instantly in a higher vibration. That is the scale of what is happening, and you may ponder what magnificent Being can wield such power, and think no further than the God of your Universe. Can you imagine for one minute how powerful that makes you, because you all carry the God Spark? You have of course yet to manifest your full potency, but in time as you ascend to even higher dimensions it will gradually come about. We urge you to follow David Wilcock and his revelations, if you want to keep abreast with what is happening in the world and beyond it. Get as you might say the low down on many happenings, and the likely outcome. David has assigned himself to bringing you the truth, and is a highly respected soul who has a total commitment to his work. Many look for guidance and seek a reliable source, and he is one that tops the list. David inspires such confidence and assurance that his goal is to reveal the truth. At the same time setting out the likely scenario that will lead you out of the darkness, and into the Light. Our protection goes out to anyone that serves the Light, and there are many of you that do it. You are all loved and respected for your total commitment to the role you have undertaken for the benefit of all. Your beautiful world has been blessed with the presence of so many Beings of Light, that they will bring more Light to it. The darkness on your Earth that threatened to destroy it has been stopped from causing such a monumental disaster, that it would have taken eons of time to recover from. It has happened to other planets in your solar system, and it effects every other planet causing displacement and damage. It can even cause a planet to become uninhabitable for many thousands of years. God has decreed that your jewel in the sky, your shimmering Earth shall not be destroyed and the Galactic Federation will ensure that you are safe from danger. You have on more than one occasion faced total annihilation, and we have stepped in for you. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you are being uplifted by the good news that we bring. You will one day very soon, learn a lot about your past history and the final chapter will end with your Ascension. Once out of the cycle of duality your evolution will steadily proceed, as you move into higher, and higher dimensions. You have everything to look forward too, and nothing you have now will compare with what you will have once you have ascended. Keep it mind when you are distracted by earthly matters, and know that they can have no effect upon you unless you allow it to be so. Our love goes with you all forever.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.

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Monday, 28 June 2010

SaLuSa 28-June-2010

We hope to have clarified this matter and would remind you that Disclosure and First Contact, are necessary to give us the clearance and permission to officially land on Earth, and then we can immediately move into action.

The Creator is the only authority that can override such conditions, and when a certain time is reached we have permission to organize First Contact ourselves.

Fear not, as the Light will be with you always.

The countdown has started and one way or another, opportunities will be created to allow matters to advance more quickly. The will to go ahead with monumental changes is being supported by more and more members of the public. Their awareness of what has been happening in the past has greatly increased, as the truth circulates far and wide. It cannot be hidden away as in the past, and you are becoming much more adept at spotting the deliberate attempts to mislead you. Trust is something that has been lacking for a long time, but with new leaders appearing in many countries all over the world it is returning. It has also given you people who are right for the times you are in, who are ready to move on from the old ways. We are behind them and our allies are supporting them where possible. It must lead to prompt changes, as time is passing so quickly that action needs to be taken now. From many different sources your support is known to be growing, and the pressure has been increased on those who are the decision makers.

Our message is that you should keep your minds, eyes and focus on the outcome you desire. The energy produced by your mass consciousness is so powerful that it can shape your future, and is indeed doing so. In fact it has carried you forward since the Millennium, and it is now that you are seeing the changes manifesting that you the people have helped create. You have battled with the dark forces and their insidious plans, and have stopped their onward march. All has been up in the air, but you will see before long clear signs of where you are going. Listen carefully to those who shine out, as the White Knights and are leading you all into a New Age. It is their powerful Light that is clearing a pathway to Ascension, and you will recognize them by the work they are doing. Many dear souls are at the ready to help those who are at the forefront of the changes, and you are assured it will be used. The correct timing is still very much on our minds, and it is your state of awareness that is a key factor where it is concerned. The dark Ones still harbor thoughts of causing mayhem, and you must guard against falling for their acts that are simply to create fear amongst you.

We can and do help in many ways that you are unaware of, but at the end of the day it is you who really call the tune. Fortunately our work and that of your Guides and Masters has well prepared you for the present time. You have made the transition from a set of rigid beliefs to those that are more flexible, and consequently you are more open to the truth and not afraid to move on. Your past history shows how you have been mislead to believe in the ruling hierarchy, who have held you back for their own benefit and power. Now you no longer find the need to be told how you must lead your lives. You are sufficiently aware to be able to go within and speak with your personal God. Take time out regularly to meditate and it will benefit you in many ways, not least of all you will become relaxed and less prone to illness. Stress has been your worst enemy for eons of time, but that is changing as the prospect of lasting peace and happiness is within your grasp.

We say again, that you are sovereign Beings and you have God given rights that will be observed, and we of the Galactic Federation will lead you to the Promised Land. You sometimes talk of desiring Heaven on Earth, and as the changes take place you shall see it forming before your very eyes. It is yours to claim and where you really should be, as duality is not your home but merely a cycle of experiences that were never meant to be permanent. It has served your purpose, and elevated your levels of consciousness to higher ones that are taking you on to Ascension. The plan of the Creator is perfect and with it still allowed your expression of freewill, which has directed your personal experiences in the direction you chose. It is now time to close that period, and the cleansing is under way so that all can eventually be restored once again.

There is still some confusion regarding Extraterrestrials visiting Earth. It exists even where people are more informed as to such activities, and it results mainly from disinformation by Government sources. However, it is also considered unlikely in view of the talk about First Contact. We have pointed out that it refers to open and official contact, but clearly does not mean that it is the only circumstances through which contact or visits can occur. By Universal Law another civilization cannot interfere with the development of another civilization, but can be authorized by us to visit Earth providing it follows certain guidelines. What you often find is that when such visits take place, once the Space Beings are seen that they quickly move away. In the past there have been exceptions regarding actual contact, but these have been pre-arranged with the permission of the contactee.

So you may ask, how is it that there is talk of Extraterrestrials having bases upon Earth. The answer is once again that providing they do not interfere with the people, they are allowed to have such bases as indeed we ourselves have. They are usually deep within the Earth, or under the sea beds safe from any intrusions. They are protected by advanced technologies so as to keep them safe and secure from the dark Ones, who try to penetrate or destroy them. There have been occasions where privileged persons from Earth have been allowed access but these are special exceptions. Where it often gets confusing is because of the Greys, who have had bases on Earth for many years by agreement with the U.S. government. As we informed you previously, since they were invited to stay we cannot make them leave unless they violate the conditions relating to it. Even the “abductions” and cattle mutilations were approved, and this aspect was also confused by the U.S. Military who were also involved. It was further compounded by brief skirmishes that took place between the two factions.

We hope to have clarified this matter and would remind you that Disclosure and First Contact, are necessary to give us the clearance and permission to officially land on Earth, and then we can immediately move into action. The Creator is the only authority that can override such conditions, and when a certain time is reached we have permission to organize First Contact ourselves. These events approach ever nearer, and become more urgent as the conditions on Earth worsen. Fear not, as the Light will be with you always.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

SaLuSa 25-June-2010

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and cannot help feeling both astonished and sad that after offering our hand in friendship, it has been rejected.

However, we know that such a refusal does not fairly represent the mood of the people at present. They would gladly welcome us into their homes, and are ready to bring pressure to bear upon their representatives to get the changes moving.

There is so much going on you could be excused for losing your way. There are Man’s attempts to find solutions to your problems, and ours that do not always follow yours. Our view of them means that we see a great deal more, than you can possibly comprehend. We oversee government officials, and anyone directly involved in decision making. We are there when covert operations are planned, and our allies and us benefit from such knowledge. It helps us avoid any major actions against you, that might otherwise have caught us off guard. As you have found out, there is nothing quite like a good intelligence system. For us the added benefit is that we cannot be fooled, and we have the means to determine whether people speak truthfully. Indeed, when face to face with you we can tell so from your auras, or read your mind. From our point of view, you can literally be read like a book. We can see if you are spiritually evolved, and such souls emanate such a powerful Light. It is this that you can feel from these ones when they come close to you.

Man is sensitive to another’s vibrations, but normally most people are such a mixture that it is only when it goes to extremes that you register the energy. Have you ever passed another person and felt shivers run up and down your spine, because if you have you will have known that they indicate something unpleasant about them. What does indeed attract you to each other, if not the energies being given off? Like attracts like, and you know that sometimes you can have an instant rapport with another person, and equally of course an instant dislike. When you rise up you will have powers of perception, but in the higher dimensions the souls you meet will have already ascended, and you will not find evidence of the lower vibrations. You will clearly see each other’s Light, and with it also be able to “read” which ray they are working on. The Seven Rays are ones that you work with now, and have a great influence on your expression of Self.

As we have mentioned before, life in the higher dimensions is very different from your experiences on Earth. For a start you are more Self-aware and know that you have unlimited power, but you will also have reached a point of understanding of your responsibilities where they are concerned. Again this is why you cannot enter such levels, unless you are of a like vibration. How else would harmony be achieved, if there were such a mix of people as on Earth? You range from the enlightened to the unenlightened, and Ascension will ensure that as the changes take place you find your right level. You have to admit that duality has pushed you to your limits, and when you can still rise up out of the darkness, you are truly one who has found their true self. Every so often due to the cyclic nature of everything you are given the opportunity to ascend. It keeps occurring until at some stage, each and every soul will have returned to the Light. That is your destiny, and it is why you do not need to worry about the progress of other souls.

All choose how they will progress on the spiritual pathway back to the Light. The whole nature of your experiences is to evolve, and you have no pressures on you to work at anything other than your own speed. It should also be noted that there is no status connected with being of the Light. People of a lowly class or lacking education are not lesser Beings, but simply in a role that gives them experiences they have chosen. Often it places them in lives where they work closely with Mother Earth, and so much can be learnt from them. The simple life can bring you closer to the truth than wealth, which can take you anywhere and buy you anything you desire, but there is no substitute for hands on experience.

By now you will have had so many lives on Earth that you will so to say, have done the rounds and there is little left for you to experience. For many of you that means playing out the last days preparing for Ascension. You should be able to sense if you have fulfilled your life plan, as you will feel no pressures upon you and relaxed even in these times of turmoil. You are partway to the higher levels and have that air of confidence and knowing. Your peaceful mien and relaxed approach to life, is helping others calm down and look for their own safe haven. Without some place to retire to and be able to find quietness in which to meditate, the stresses of life will take their toll.

Dear Ones it is easy for us to talk about matters that are peculiar to you on Earth, but only because we fully understand the nature of your problems. We have lived them with you, and can comprehend the pain and distress that you experienced. In fact we have tried to lessen it by sending you our Love and Light, and to uplift you in your moments of depression or sadness. We absolutely admire you all for undertaking the challenge of duality, as it was known how tough it would be. The fact that all along you have received help, does not in the least take away your courage and tenacity in the face of hardships. You have fought a battle for your souls and have passed all tests, and now stand proudly at the portal to Ascension.

The Galactic Federation stands by for action and has never been much nearer to coming out into the open, in such a way that will for once and for all time dispel the doubts about our presence. The announcement confirming our benign and peaceful intentions where you are concerned, is needed so that we can immediately start to address the most urgent problems you are experiencing. Some leaders favor an approach to us for everyone’s benefit, whilst others are reluctant to give up their power and acquisition of wealth. However, in the end changes will be made to remove those who do not have everyone’s interests at heart. We must join you when there is an agreement to our coming, and already large numbers of the people are warming to the idea of working with us. Otherwise the outlook is bleak, and a total breakdown of your society will occur unless you face the threats that exist.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and cannot help feeling both astonished and sad that after offering our hand in friendship, it has been rejected. However, we know that such a refusal does not fairly represent the mood of the people at present. They would gladly welcome us into their homes, and are ready to bring pressure to bear upon their representatives to get the changes moving.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

SaLuSa 23-June-2010

Let your Love and Light be your guide, and it will lead you to the heavenly peace you seek.

Once you get your teeth into something there is no letting go, and it cheers us immensely to see your determination to lift your levels of consciousness. They are progressing in leaps and bounds, and as they do so they are bringing other dear souls out of their old dream world, into the reality of who they really are. People all over the world are responding to the higher energies flowing into the Earth’s grid. Suddenly what you need to do to put your evolution onto a different path is becoming clear. Most importantly you realize that you have the power to change the direction that Humanity was heading into, and put it on course for Ascension. The old World Order no longer has the control over you that has led you blindly into their clutches. Their domination of you has been severely weakened by your awakening, and your desire to create a new reality that brings peace to the world.

What is also clear is that you are able to hold your focus on the wonderful future you visualize, and are no longer fooled by the tactics to distract you from it. It is your belief in the future that is giving you the strength to rise up against those who would put obstacles in your way. As you now know, everything is possible when you set your minds firmly on what you want for the good of all. It was always seen that you would eventually have sufficient understanding of what was required of you, to succeed in creating the peaceful existence denied you previously. Duality has shown you what happens when the Light has been suppressed, and how it deadens your senses to your ability to rise above any difficulties. It is now the time for you to claim your sovereignty, and collectively demand that your rights are honored.

Meantime the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is attracting worldwide attention, and even those countries that are not immediately affected are extremely concerned at its threat to the ecology. It has highlighted the dangers of continuing with your dependence on fossil fuels. A serious look at alternative sources of energy is needed, and as you know by now they already exist and are pollution free, but have been suppressed and ignored by Governments who are beholden to the big oil and energy corporations. The changes will be enforced and the multinationals will be re-structured, so that they no longer have such influence and power. Freedom of the people will be the object of First Contact, and the establishment of a system where the wealth of the world can be fairly distributed. The next step will be to banish poverty and we are well prepared to ensure it is quickly carried out.

We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved. More to the point, you know that at the same time our allies and we are on the verge of achieving our aims to put our plan into operation. It is still the timing that is of importance, and we are helping create the ideal conditions to enable the go ahead. We are not idle while we wait for the order to do so and still closely monitor all activities on Earth. They are under our control so that we can exercise limitation where massive damage is likely. We have been doing it for a long time, so as to ensure you safely reach the end time.

Now is the time when great decisions are being made, and that applies equally to individuals as well as groups, who can decide your future. The calls for changes reach the ears of those in power, and they dare not ignore you for too long. Those who are well known in their own right also help your cause, and we applaud them for seeing the people of the world as One. The feeling of being your Brothers keeper, comes with having compassion and love for all life. That is what has been lacking for a long time, but with the increasing levels of consciousness more of you are opening up your hearts in this way.

Whatever type of lives you have had, each one of them has been planned to further your evolution. Lessons to be learnt are measured to suit your ability to benefit from them, and no one is given challenges unless it is known that they can cope with them. Naturally in the run in to Ascension, you have tended to pack your lives with as many opportunities as possible. That is why some of you have had such action filled lives, and they often involve relationships with souls that have been a part of your previous lives. These can often lead to disappointments, as you are not given to know that all outcomes are pre-arranged. It is in adversity and even pain that the greatest lessons are learnt. You seek happiness on Earth, but not many can claim to have achieved it for any length of time. Happiness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, once you have passed beyond duality and take your place in the higher dimensions, you will find all of the peace, joy and happiness you can wish for. Balance and harmony is everywhere around you, and life will be one continuous experience of fulfillment. It is where you should naturally reside and have journeyed through before. Duality is simply the testing ground for souls that want to advance their evolution quickly. Not only that, by passing through it you are helping all other souls that may follow after you. Service to others becomes quite natural when you have restored your levels of Christ Consciousness. Seek to elevate yourselves into a position where you can be the personification of Unconditional Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that we of the Galactic Federation are not religious in anyway as you understand the meaning. We find all knowledge within, and have manifested our god selves having become unified with God. You too are heading this way, and we know that already some of you have achieved great progress in this respect. Now you will understand why you cannot enter the higher dimensions, unless you have already lifted your vibrations to that level.

Prejudice is prevalent on Earth, but once you can accept that you are all One it begins to fall away. Look at people and see their soul before you, seeking, as you are the path to freedom and happiness. Let your Love and Light be your guide, and it will lead you to the heavenly peace you seek. Know also that our love accompanies you, and you can turn to us for help.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.


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We are very excited to welcome everyone to The Intercept, a publication of First Look Media (FLM). The Intercept, which the three of us created, is the first of what will be numerous digital magazines published by FLM.

As soon as we resolved to build The Intercept, we set out to recruit many of the journalists whose work we have long respected and admired: those who have a proven track record of breaking boundaries, taking risks, and producing innovative, rigorous journalism.


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The world's greatest whistleblower is stuck in the Russian winter, facing solitary confinement, ridicule, and life in prison if US agents grab him. But this week, we could help get him to safety.

Edward Snowden exposed the mind-boggling and illegal level of surveillance the US government is conducting on, well, all of us. His welcome in Russia runs out soon, and he's got nowhere to go. But Brazilian President Dilma is angry at US surveillance and experts say she might brave massive US pressure to consider asylum for Snowden!

This is about much more than one man. If Snowden's act of truth-telling leads to crippling punishment, it sends the wrong signal to abusive governments and whistleblowers everywhere. If 1 million of us take action now, we can send President Dilma the largest citizen-supported asylum bid in history -- sign to safeguard Snowden and defend democracy everywhere.


Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends,

I have received so many Emails and good wishes since I returned to channeling SaLuSa. In fact there were so many that I cannot reply to everyone individually. However I do wish to thank everyone who Emailed me, as it was very uplifting to know that so many of you were uplifted by the return of SaLuSa.

I am looking forward to really get going after Christmas. The New Year looms near and it promises to be the one where the truth comes out to finally rid us of the dark Ones. Peace and happiness is getting closer by the day.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.


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Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

I came to Kiev. I came to see for myself what is happening here. Of course, an hour after arriving at Maidan, you begin to understand that everything what you've read in dozens of articles, saw in TV news reports is total crap. In the upcoming reports I will try to, as objectively as possible, to sort out this new wave of Kiev revolution.

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How to REALLY Save U.S. Army Recruiters From Preventable Suicides

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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure


At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013

At the National Press Club in Washington DC from April 29 till May 3, 2013


"If the Congress won't do its job, the people will."

Stephen Bassett

May 9, 2013


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee Seeks UN World Conference on Possible Extraterrestrial Presence

Washington, DC – On May 3, 2013 members of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee and Hearing witnesses representing ten UN member nations met at the National Press Club to draft a statement seeking United Nations review of evidence of a possible extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The result is the following communiqué:

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Washington Communiqué
May 3, 2013

From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and former members of military services and government agencies representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress. After hearing this testimony these members issue the following statement:

Whereas: given the unfolding scientific understanding of the number of potentially life supporting planets within Earth’s home galaxy, it would be the height of arrogance to assert that humans are the only sentient beings within that galaxy;

Whereas: given that credible witnesses have brought forth overwhelming scientific evidence documenting the current presence of unidentified and unexplained aerial craft that many believe to reflect an extraterrestrial intelligence;

And Whereas: given the enormous global implications if these craft are, indeed, of extraterrestrial origin, such an issue is a matter for the General Assembly of the United Nations;

Therefore, we the undersigned request the Citizen Hearing Foundation use its offices to organize interested parties and raise the funds necessary to pursue a global campaign to convince one or more nations to propose a resolution within the General Assembly calling for United Nations sponsorship of a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.

We the undersigned pledge our support for this effort.

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick
Senator Mike Gravel
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Congressman Merrill Cook

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett
[Unable to sign due to post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.]


The Citizen Hearing Foundation is a pending 501(c)3 non-profit, which will launch its website later this month and immediately begin raising funds to pursue nation sponsors for a resolution to the UN General Assembly.

CHD Website:

CHD Contact: Stephen Bassett

(202) 215 8344


Here we are once again ...

Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

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We will win by our persistance!

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